Luxurious Hotel Husárik **** is here to offer you a unique combination of comfort and exceptional atmosphere of the mountain scenery of the Kysuce region.

Hotel Husárik is located above the town of Čadca in the altitude of 740 m above the sea level. It is situated 3km from the town centre in the north-west part of Slovakia, in the location surrounded by the peaks of the Kysuce Beskydy, Javorníky, Kysucká vrchovina and Turzovská vrchovina. By means of its overall looks and stylish equipment, it corresponds to the environment it is located in and what is more, it will satisfy the demands and requirements of the most demanding guests. In this case, luxury does not contradict comfort, cosiness and the feeling of warmth in each of its corners. We believe that Hotel Husárik will become a place where you will be returning with pleasure to seek for the most pleasant and unforgettable moments.

Management and staff of the Hotel Husárik