Finnish sauna

Before entering the sauna, it is necessary to take a shower(without using a soap). You are allowed to enter the sauna naked only with a blanket. The temperature in the sauna reaches 80-90 degrees Celsius. You can adjust the right temperature by sitting on upper or lower benches which are called „lauteet“. The heat leads to opening your skin pores.

The stones on the fire (kiuas) in the corner are extremely hot. When they are watered, a cloud of vapour fills the room. The vapour intensifies the feeling of heat in the sauna. The need for watering the stones is individual. After 5-20 minutes, it is necessary to cool your body down in the shower or in the pool.

Sauna - 1/2 h / (1 person) 12,00 €
Sauna - 1/2 h / (2 persons) 20,00 €
Sauna - charge for another person / 1/2 h 9,00 €